We are company whose goal is the provide accurate and cost-efficient health solutions for all by using our ai based our property personalized meta data analysis platform.

Aim: For health professions aim to furnish help with detailed information about the health status of the patients / individuals to aid with personalized diagnostic and therapy decisions.

To the end this we develop in house ai based multi omics data analysis algorithms by integrating clinical data to being understand individuals’ disease development and determine facts and false.

About Us

Our Vision

Epigenetiks will follow closely health and genomics research and technologies, and will become a company that specializes in the applications of innovative and transformative information systems and technologies specific to these fields in medical informatics.

  • Providing innovative solutions in the field of microbiome
  • To provide solutions in the diagnosis of epidemic diseases such as Covid-19
  • Bringing genomic and multi-omics solutions in the diagnosis of rare diseases

Our Mission

The primary mission of Epigenetiks is to develop multidisciplinary R&D projects that blend informatics, health and genomic sciences, to develop personal health-supporting products in the light of the outputs of these projects, to create new brands and to popularize the use of these brands.


Get help from scientists experienced in the field of omics.

Our team is people who have been experienced in the field of omics for many years and have made many innovations in their field. His studies on microbiota, cancer and rare diseases continue.

  • 01 What is Microbiota?

    About 10% of the weight of the human body consists of micro-organisms. In recent studies, the distribution of these micro-organisms in the body varies from person to person and has a direct impact on human health.

  • There are approximately 10,000 genetic diseases that we know. Most of these diseases are rare diseases in the population. Finding associated genes for these diseases is important in identifying the symptoms of the disease and the genes associated with these symptoms. In this way, it is possible to determine the genetic disease predispositions in humans and the treatments to be applied more accurately.

  • Cancer is the most unknown and complex disease of our age. The coexistence of different genetic structures in cancer tissue makes treatment and diagnosis difficult. Therefore, sequencing and transcriptomic analysis of cancerous tissue samples is extremely important in determining the type of cancer.


epi Biome, epi Covix, epi Rare, epi Cancer percentages of our analyzes

epi Biome 40%
epi Covix 30%
epi Rare 20%
epi Cancer 10%

Our Services

Our services are frequently used sequencing methods in the field of omics and the COVID-19 diagnostic kit. In addition, we offer various bioinformatics analysis services.

epi Biome

We provide microbiota sequencing service on various samples.

epi Covix

We provide COVID-19 diagnostic service approved by the Ministry of Health.

epi Rare

We provide sequencing services for the diagnosis of rare diseases.

epi Cancer

We provide next generation sequencing and transcriptomic analysis services used for cancer diagnosis and selection of treatment methods.

epi 23

We offer ancestral origin analyzes and Neanderthal genome analyzes according to your genome sequences.

epi Fit

We make the most appropriate diet determination and health status analysis according to your metabolism.

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Our Team

Our Experienced Team

Prof. Dr. Osman Uğur Sezarman


Head of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Department, Acıbadem University

Tayyip Karaman


R&D Specialist - Bioinformatics

İbrahim Sertdemir


R&D Specialist - Statistician

Milena J. Özdemir


R&D Specialist - Bioinformatics

Eray Şahin


R&D Specialist - Bioinformatics

Ali Arslan


R&D Specialist - Microbiologist

Ege Ülgen


R&D Specialist - Bioinformatics

Berkay Ekren


R&D Specialist - Bioinformatics

Pınar Onat


R&D Specialist - Bioinformatics

Özdeyiş Hülya İşgördü


R&D Specialist

Özlem Sil


R&D Specialist

Services We Provide

Below you can find the number of services we provide to our valued customers.


Our Customers

The number of our valued customers we have served so far


The number of analyzes we conducted for testing purposes during the COVID-19 outbreak


Number of services we provide for cancer research


Number of services we provide for microbiota studies

Frequently Asked Questions

  • EpiBiome: Nanopore MINION 16S Sequencing

  • Your result reports will reach you within 1 to 2 weeks after your sample is delivered to us.

  • The reports obtained as a result of your analysis will be sent to the e-mail address you provide in the forms.

  • When you purchase our EpiBiome package, you will receive a table report with the percentages of protective and harmful organisms in your intestines in the results sent to you, along with a detailed report containing special nutritional, probiotic and prebiotic recommendations that will restore the balance of bacteria in your intestines.

  • If you want to benefit from our services, you must first order a kit that fits your request. This kit will have step-by-step instructions, and forms to fill out. After you provide your sample, via shipping: You can send it to us at İçerenköy Mahallesi, Kayışdağı Caddesi, NO: 32, Acıbadem University. or if you live in Istanbul, we can pick up the kit from your home through a private courier company.

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